Line Access Conveyors

Retracting End Conveyors Replace Step-Overs


Prestige Conveyors manufacture retracting end conveyors designed to allow access across the line and eliminate trapped areas.

The photos show a line of 3 fabric belt retracting end conveyors providing operators with machine access.


Conveyors extended

Conveyor ExtendedConveyor Retracted


  • A single unit placed in a line provides access into trapped areas alleviating health & safety concerns.
  • Retracting end conveyors are available in both fabric and plastic modular belt.
  • The retracting end runs smoothly and effortlessly on precision slides.
  • Close transfers are achieved by fitting a 30Øroller at one end and a roller knife edge at the other.
  • The conveyor can be retracted and extended while running.

The design can be altered providing a bespoke solution to suit your existing line.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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